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Brazil Is Grieving Over a Beauty Queen’s Rotting Ass

Andressa Urach was considered one of the most beautiful women in a country known for its beautiful women. The 27-year-old had shoulder-length hair, almond eyes, and full ruby lips. But she was mostly known for her ass. She was the runner-up in Brazil’s Miss BumBum contest. Her butt inspired such fanfare that braces-clad preteen girls greeted her at airports as if she was a Beatle or a Backstreet Boy. And like Bieber with his Beliebers and Lady Gaga with her Little Monsters, the beauty queen had a term of endearment for people enamored with her hump: Urachers.

But now, a series of gauze-filled holes dots her thighs. Urach’s most precious asset is literally rotting away. Her medical catastrophe was the result of the hydrogel and PMMAthat she had injected into her thighs and ass to make herself more curvaceous. Those fluids began to fuse to her muscles and caused her body to go into septic shock.

Her condition highlights the intense body-modification trend in Brazil, a country that was second only to the US last year in the number of plastic-surgery procedures performed. Although it might seem odd that a developing country is so focused on something like plastic surgery, it’s worth noting that people there consider beauty a right. There’sabsolutely no stigma placed on getting a nose job, for instance, because it improves self-esteem the same way seeing a psychoanalyst might.

However, the procedure Urach had done to her ass is not something offered by legitimate plastic surgeons anymore. The filler she used was banned in Brazil in 2010 by the regulatory agency AVISA, well before she underwent the black-market procedure.

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