It’s been difficult for die-hard fans of “Breaking Bad” to let go of the main character, Walter White — and it turns out it’s not been easy for the actor who portrayed him, either.
Bryan Cranston tells Parade magazine that it’s been hard letting go of the years of portraying such a rich character.
“Usually when you get a role they give you a set of circumstances: ‘He can do this, but he can’t do that,’ ” he said. “With Walter White, over the course of six years, I covered it all. I could kill someone; I could caress my baby and kiss my son on the forehead. The whole spectrum of the human experience.”
The actor has taken on the role of President Lyndon B. Johnson in the Broadway production of “All the Way” and said the current president could learn a thing or two from the former leader.
“There are two things LBJ had that our current president doesn’t have,” Cranston told parade. “One is extensive experience in Congress. By the time he became vice president, Johnson not only knew everyone, he knew what their pet projects were. So he was ready to make deals and trades.”
“The second thing is the (political) climate. In LBJ’s time, politicians knew they’d have to cross the aisle: ‘Our philosophies might be opposite, but I’m going to try to work with them.’ And what we have now is a digging-your-heels-in: ‘They are trying to hurt the country. Only our way is the right way’ — whether you’re in the Republican or Democratic camp. It is so polarizing and distrustful and disrespectful.”
Cranston is also moving on to blockbusters, with a part in the new film “Godzilla,” slated for release in May. In it, Cranston plays a scientist. He said he had some trepidation about taking on the role.
“I initially turned it down — I thought, ‘I can’t do “Godzilla” after “Breaking Bad”; that’s a huge step down,’ ” he said. “But I was surprised at the level of the writing, and the director, Gareth Edwards, had some great ideas to strengthen the heart of the story. And why not do something that’s fun and escapist? So I got down off my high horse and said, ‘Yeah, let’s do it.’ ”
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