Build One Special Car For One Special Person


L Y O N S  M O T O R  C A R  L I M I T E D  M I S S I O N  S T A T E M E N T 
“Since February 2011 We at Lyons Motor Car ltd
live for a single purpose, Design, and Build the most beautifully detailed, the most intelligently engineered and the most valuable automobile in the world. A rare luxury super sports car of world class stature and performance. Our Design approach is simplicity and tasteful purity of form. We engineer in functionality and durability without sacrificing the creative vision, we steer away from extraneousness.
This new way of less is more design architecture is a serious departure and game changer in the world of the bespoke manufactured automobile. We create modern art in the automotive form paying compliments and plaudits to the streamline art movement of the ’30’s ’40’s and ’50’s while paying close attention to the aerodynamic and fuel efficiency needs of today. The LM2 Streamliner and SSS (streamliner super sport) are fine art masterpieces of the automotive industry, premium artistic and engineering statements that the world will soon come to love and admire.”
                                                                                          – Kevin W. Lyons CEO Lyons Motor Car Ltd.
 Considered the best that the United States has to offer, LM2 Streamliner is premium marque and the premiere American super sports car that leads the way in what automotive exclusivity is all about. We cater to the individual that doesn’t desire what others can readily acquire
  We build one special car at a time for that one very special person. We hope to make you part of our automotive family here in New York City, USA.

​• Simplicity of Design- Engineering tranlates into automatic weight savings performance increases and fuel savings
• Polished CNC Billet 8.2 Liter Revolution 4 cam 1700 (SAE gross) HP Twin Turbocharged V8, 7 Speed Oerikon/ Underground Racing sequential gear box. All Wheel Drive.
• Semi monocoque carbon fiber chassis tub, safety cell.
• Full carbon fiber body and panels.
• 16 inch digital touchscreen, seamlessly integrates media, navigation, communications, cabin controls and vehicle data,
   from the moment the door opens via your Lyons Motor Car iPhone app, the high-resolution touchscreen control center comes alive.
• No chassis wiring harnesses fuses circuit breakers or relays junction boxes of any kind.
• Button-less interior, and no interior or exterior door handles extensive use of campacitive touch sensors, defused lighting, and defused HVAC and ventilation delivery.
• EECO Electronic exhaust cut out. smooth and quiet 72db’s at the press on the touch screen 95 db’s of loud and wild.
• BOSC ESP stability control and ABS systems.
• Electronic blind spot eliminator system.
• Aerodynamic Drag Coefficient 0.21

Lyons Motor Car

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