Former Haitian President Aristide to announce a Presidential Exploratory Committee

Haitian prosecutors are tightening their legal noose around Jean-Bertrand Aristide’s neck for the alleged murder of journalist Jean Dominique. Many of Aristide’s political party(fanmi-lavalas) have been indicted for the alleged crime.

As a result, Aristide to announce soon a detail plan for a presidential run in order to deter prosecutors from their legal witch-hunt against him. Sources close to the former President are saying the maneuver is a calculated political move by pointing fingers at the current Haitian President Martelly’s Justice Department by trying to play the political prisoner “victim card”. The offensive political strategy will prop up other “lavalas” party candidates to run for the upcoming congressional election in Haiti.

President Aristide is reportedly frustrated and angry at prosecutors in Haiti for tarnishing his presidential image and legacy.

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