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Handcrafted one of a kind accessories


Rebekah Christie began creating accessories in 2009 when she was living in Philadelphia. She was having trouble getting use to Philly being her permanent residence so she stayed home for months. She then began designing headbands and hair accessories. She was discovering her inner designer which was the beginning of “Make it Happen”. She grew up in a very creative household where her parents promoted and delved in the arts themselves. With the support and help from them she began a line of headbands, bangles, hair bows, and feather earrings. She sold her pieces at street festivals and markets in Philadelphia.

In 2010 she moved back to New York, settling into Brooklyn for the next three years. Since she began her journey as a jewelry designer, she has built a following throughout New York City. Charmed Feathers has been sold at shops in Philadelphia, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, and D.C. CF has also been sold in France and Canada.

“The guidelines I follows are adapted from my family and into my designs. Myfather is a man that does not fear color, and Charmed Feathers accessories are always colorful and vibrant. My mother is a woman who taught me to be myself and to not follow the crowd. I like to believe that being true to ¬†yourself is as natural as you can get”. -Rebekah Christie

In 2012 she attended the Art Institute of New York majoring in Fashion Merchandise and Marketing. She’s currently attending Borough Manhattan Community College majoring in Business Management. She continues to be a self taught designer and educate herself on entrepreneurship.



Charmed Feathers


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