Hello, everyone and welcome to my life. My name is Augustus Cole Jr. Aka  G-Rize. I was born in West Africa in the beautiful city of Monrovia Liberia. In 2003 I was blessed to come to the United States with my family, we now reside in Minnesota. My Mother that I love with all my heart passed away soon after I came to the States. The memory of my mother drives and inspires me every day in my life and music. Since her passing I continue to grow in my education through graduating high school and advancing on to college classes. 

I started dancing and singing at the age of 7, my passion was in dancing, at my young age I thought singing was for girls! Later on I joined a dance group called 3T’s and then Dark Moon when I was in Liberia. Watching me as a young boy my grandmother always thought of me as a star and believes that I am and will be a star. One day she called me in and she said “I have a name for you! G-Rize you are our families star!” I laughed at it then but the name stuck! I am G-RIZE.  She continues to believe in me, recognizing my hard work and dedication towards my dreams.

In my life I have always felt that if you can dream it you can achieve it. My dream is to entertain the world and put a smile on people’s faces. I will continue to work on my skills as a singer and work to get better every day to make my dream come true! I am not trying to please everyone and even if my music touches one person’s soul I will be happy! Nothing worth having is easy, believe me this is worth having and I will never stop until the world can hear my music and dance to my voice!  LIB LADIES NOW ON itun:


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