Jen Selter: Twitter Model Trying To Make That Legendary Butt Even Bigger? [PHOTOS & VIDEO]

Instagram and Twitter model Jen Selter is known for showing off her curvy bottom all over her social media pages, and it appears that she might be trying to add more depth to it despite the fact that it’s already praised.

On Tuesday, the model tweeted about her time at the gym, saying, “I have a new thing for new gym bags :).”

She also posted another tweet that day about working out her famous asset, stating, “this booty isn’t gonna grow itself. #GymTime,” the model wrote.

Considering that Selter has posted a number of pictures that show off her thick and muscular derriere, this post looks as if she’s trying to make it look bigger than usual.
Jen Selter Poses For ‘Vanity Fair’
The model posted a photo on Tuesday that shows her walking on a stairmaster, once again focusing from the waist down. In the image, she’s wearing a green top with grey sweats as she keeps up with her health and fitness.
Selter was recently in a spread for Vanity Fair where she posed in some scandalous photos that display her skin as well as classy starlet photos that portray the model as a pinup figure. She wore skin tight fishnets as her hair was put up in an old-fashioned style.

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