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Man Fires Shots At His FRIEND Over A Music Video In The Bronx [GRAPHIC] [VIDEO]

Two so called “best friends”, were shooting a rap video at a Bronx Bodega on Saturday. Things got heated when the two started arguing about who was better and than one friend shot the other!

In the graphic video which was released by the NYPD, you’ll see the shooter shooting his friend until he runs out of bullets then hits the 37-year-old victim with the weapon itself!

Ali Abdul, a witness, claims that the two were “best friends” and were drunk. In the video you will also notice the group of friends who came along for video, stepping over the hurt victim as they walk out the Bronx bodega.

Despite the victim’s critical condition at Lincoln Hospital, the victim is expected to survive. NYPD are searching for the shooter.

Watch the graphic footage below:

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