Quimico Ultra Mega, Jay Dee B “It All”

Throughout history there has never been an R&B rising star out of Haiti. Former Haitian President Michel Joseph Martelly recognized Jay Dee B for having a unique sound and for being the best R&B International artist. He also named JayDee B the ‘Ladies Man’. His new hit single ‘IT ALL’ was released in April and is the most requested single which is currently peaking number one on the radio charts. JayDee B’s second single ‘Stuck In My Head“, is the number one requested song on Snap Chat social media in the Haitian community by his female fans.
Born in 1987 in Pelerin 2 (Pétion-Ville), Jerry Laguerre comes from a Christian family. He grew up in Pétion-Ville, and completed his education, with a Degree in Marketing and Management. During his tenure in college, Jay dee B grew a deep passion for music. He began singing with several gospel choirs within the area. After many years of singing gospel he decided to venture out and try other musical genres in Rap and Rhythm & Blues.
Jay Dee B had his heart set on working with re ned hip-hop groups A5 and the Dream Team. He released the music “Sel Fanm” and the carnival “Tout Jwet Fini” in 2009. All was well working with each group until an earthquake occurred in 2010 which forced him to leave the country and live with his mother in Dominican Republic. There he was later approached by the G7 Family leaders and extended an invitation for him to join their group. He wrote a song “Piece for You Mom”, in creole “Pou or Maman” which was a hit with the general public. This permitted him many opportunities and allowed him to work with both Dominican and Haitian artists including Felito La Ciencia, a young Dominican rapper which he recorded several songs with such as “More Money Than A Bank”, “Bailla”, which was part of the musical project ‘La Union’.
Jay dee B began to audition for various competitions such as Star Académie, Digicel Stars and Ticket Max. He nally got his big break when he submitted a song for a radio contest sponsored by West-I Entertainment on Planet Kreyol radio. Jay Dee B won rst place in the R & B category with his original song “Baby Tell Me”. To this date he has been approached by di erent musical composers and groups.
In April 2017, Jaydee B was approached by XZONE Records label where he later signed a management/production and promotion contract with XZONE Records and IASTV Magazine. He collaborated with Justin Comb on his first singles, ‘To All My Ladies, SE OU L’YE, Your Love and About It’. His songs and videos are known to many as the Haitian Evasion and are quickly becoming a success on various Haitian radio stations. Jaydee B will continue to ful ll his dream by striving to do his best and is ready for greater challenges.

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