Three Models Fall On One Catwalk At China Fashion Week

Ridiculous platform heels saw three women take a tumble on the same catwalk in Beijing as the audience watch open mouthed.THREE models fell over during one spectacular catwalk at China Fashion Week and all of them were wearing platform heels that would make even Naomi Campbell wince.

The unfortunate ladies took a tumble during the SECCRY Hu Sheguang show in Beijing over the weekend.

Walking a catwalk in front of the world’s press and the crème de la crème of the fashion industry is nerve-wracking enough with out making the poor models do it in eight-inch platforms. One of the wobbly models was wearing a striking red corset, oversized red floral cape and huge heels when she fell.

The look on her face was priceless as she realised she was going down but she managed to make a rather dramatic recovery.

Another of the mis-stepping models looked visibly pained when she landed on her knees – thanks to her ginormous red patent platforms.

To her credit the model, who was dressed like a couture version of the Mad Hatter, composed herself and finished her walk.

The third unlucky lady took her tumble in a giant pair of nude heels, which matched her transparent plastic dress.

In a rare example of catwalk sisterhood, two of her fellow models helped her up when she tripped for a second time.

Not since Naomi Campbell’s infamous tumble at the Vivienne Westwood show back in 1993 have we seen such ludicrous heels.

Here’s hoping they fall out of fashion soon, before anyone gets really hurt.

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