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Tracy Morgan’s deadly 6-car pileup should be an alarm for New Jersey officials to make some big changes before more lives are lost … this according to the family of a truck driver who died on the same dangerous stretch of highway.

The Walmart truck that plowed into Tracy’s vehicle was hurtling down the NJ Turnpike — and back in April, just a few miles away … John Visconti III was killed in an eerily similar crash.

TMZ spoke to his mother, Mary Visconti who was outraged by the carnage of Morgan’s accident … “How many people have to die on the Turnpike before something is done? It is ridiculous.”

Mary says her son was driving an 18-wheeler when he swerved to avoid a much slower vehicle on the highway. He was killed when his truck overturned and caught fire.

While the truck driver in Morgan’s wreck allegedly dozed off — Mary thinks the bigger issue is out of control speeding on the Turnpike … and she thinks it’s time to lower the limit from 65 to 55.

For now … Mary’s out of luck. A Turnpike Authority manager tells TMZ there are no plans to make any speed or safety changes on the road … and feels driver error was the sole cause of Morgan’s accident.

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